Find Out Your Real Earning Potential

In the current job market, it can be difficult to keep track of salary trends and patterns.  And, at a time when salary levels are characterised by fluctuations and uncertainty, it could not be more important to stay up to date.

The Harcourt Matthews salary survey gives figures based on an in depth analysis of salary and benefit trends within the UK’s current Finance & Accountancy markets, with data gathered through confidential surveys of recruiters and job seekers.

  • Various salary surveys that focus on individual functional specialisms
  • Covers all of the UK’s major geographical areas
  • Applicable to multiple qualifications and experience levels
  • Covers commerce & industry, banking, public sector and public practice
  • Comprehensive data divided into permanent and temporary pay rates

Whether you are looking to help negotiate your next payrise, or to find out whether your team are being underpaid (and potentially susceptible to a timely headhunt call), up-to-the-minute salary data is a valuable resource to have at your fingertips.